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Treehouse Build A Weather App 4

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing Stormy
What's an API What Does it Mean to Use One
The Dark Sky API
Creating the Project
How Do We Get Data from the Web
Networking on a Mobile Device
Introducing OkHttp
Getting the OkHttp Library Using Gradle
Making an HTTP GET Request with OkHttp
Keeping our App Fast with Asynchronous Processing
Making Our Code Asynchronous
Handling Errors
Configuring the AlertDialog
What To Do When the Network is Down
Exploring the Data
Creating the Model
Beautiful JSON
Introducing JSONObject
Setting CurrentWeather from JSON
Cleaning Up the Date and Time
Setting the Weather Icon
Start at the Center
One Cloudy Night
The Foggy Bottom
The Legal Side of APIs
We're in a Bind
Plugging in the Data
Weather Icon
I'm Feeling Refreshed
That's a Wrap