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Treehouse Build a Simple iPhone App with Objective-C

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Getting Started With Xcode:
1-1-Introduction to Fun Facts
1-2-Tour of Xcode
1-3-Objective-C Recap

2. Views and View Controllers:
2-1-Designing Our App With Interface Builder
2-2-Introduction to Views
2-3-View Controllers and IBAction
2-5-Looking for Help

3. Creating a Data Model:
3-1-Creating a Data Collection
3-2-Using a Data Collection
3-3-Refactoring Into a Model
3-5-Finishing Up Our Model

4. Improving Our User Interface:
4-1-Implementing Auto Layout
4-2-Adapting Our Content
4-3-Adding a Pop of Color
4-4-Using the ColorWheel Class

5. Debugging Our App:
5-1-Basic Debugging
5-3-Exception Breakpoints

6. Deploying to a Device:
6-1-Running on a Device
6-2-App Icons and Launch Screens
6-3-Wrapping Up!