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Treehouse Build a Rails API

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to REST:
1-1-Introducing REST
1-2-REST Requests

2. Namespacing Routes and JSON:
2-1-How APIs Work
2-2-The HTTP Response
2-3-Namespaces and Routes
2-4-Checking our API with cURL

3. Coding the API:
3-1-cURL Basics
3-10-Including Nested Resources in JSON Output
3-2-Sending Response Codes
3-3-Rails API CSRF Verification
3-4-Better JSON Messages
3-5-Deleting Todo Lists
3-6-Updating Todo Lists
3-7-Returning HTTP Status Codes in a Rails API
3-8-Creating To-Do Items
3-9-Updating and Destroying Nested API Resources

4. Authorization and Authentication:
4-2-Basic Authentication Part 1
4-3-Basic Authentication Part 2
4-4-Basic Authentication Part 3
4-5-Clean Up and Polish