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Treehouse ASP.NET MVC Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Project Setup:
What is ASP.NET MVC?
Creating a GitHub Repo
Creating a Project Using Visual Studio
Running Our Website

Adding a Controller
Adding an Action to a Controller
Overview of URL Routing
Using Action Result Types

Adding a View
Using Razor for View Layout
Displaying a List with Razor
Setting Data in the Controller
Adding Design Files
View Layouts

Modeling and Presenting Data:
What is ASP.NET MVC?
Updating the Data Model
Using Strongly Typed Views
Improving Our View Layout
Applying Software Design Principles
Adding the Repository
Updating the Controller
Using the Visual Studio Debugger
Validating a Bug Fix with the Debugger

Adding a List Page:
Adding a View
Finishing the List View
Updating the Default Route
Linking Between Views
Improving Navigation
Wrap Up