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Treehouse Android Lists and Adapters Ben Jakuben

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Updating the Data Model:
1-1-Introducing the Project
1-2-Adding a New Data Model Object
1-3-Finishing the Data Model
1-4-Getting the Whole Forecast
1-5-Introducing JSONArray
1-6-From JSONArray to a Java Array

2 Standard ListViews:
2-1-Updating the Main Layout
2-2-Adding a Gradient
2-3-Introducing ListView and ListActivity
2-4-Displaying List Data (or None At All)
2-5-Using a Default Adapter

3 Custom ListViews:
3-1-Creating a Custom Layout - Part 1
3-2-Creating a Custom Layout - Part 2
3-3-Creating a Custom Adapter
3-4-getView() and the ViewHolder Pattern
3-5-Setting the Data

4 Using Parcelable Data:
4-1-Parceling Data
4-2-Using a Creator and Reading a Parcel
4-3-Retrieving Parcelable Data
4-4-Updating the Daily Forecast UI

5 Lists with RecyclerViews:
5-1-Introducing RecyclerView
5-2-Making Hour Parcelable
5-3-Creating the Item Layout
5-4-Custom Adapters and ViewHolder in RecyclerViews
5-5-Binding Data in the ViewHolder
5-6-Adding Methods for a RecyclerView Adapter
5-7-Using a Layout Manager

6 Acting on List Item Taps:
6-1-Tapping on a ListView Item
6-2-Using a ListView in a Regular Activity
6-3-Tapping on a RecyclerView Item
6-4-Wrapping Up