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Time Series Analysis in Python. Master Applied Data Analysis

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Time Series :
What is a Time Series Data
Types of Forecasting
Regression Vs Time Series
Applications of Time Series
Components of Time Series
Q and A
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Quiz on Introduction to Time Series Analysis
Quiz Solution

Time Series Analysis :
Getting Time Series data
Handling Missing Values in your Time Series Data
Handling Outlier Values
Time Series Decomposition
Splitting Time Series Data
Quiz on Time Series Data Analysis
Quiz Solution

Smoothing Techniques :
Basic Forecasting Techniques
Metrics for Time series Forecasting
Simple Moving Averages
Simple Exponential Smoothing
Holt and Holt Winter Exponential Smoothing
Quiz on Smoothing Techniques
Quiz Solution

AR Models :
Introduction to Auto Regressive Models
Checking for Stationarity Part 1
Checking for Stationarity using Statistical Met
Checking for Stationary Implementation
Converting Non-Stationary Series into Stationary
Converting Non-Stationary Series into Stationary Implementation
Auto Correlation and Partial Correlation
Auto Correlation and Partial Correlation Implementation
The Simple Auto Regressive Model
The Simple Auto Regressive Model Implementation
Moving Average Model
Moving Average Model Implementation
Quiz on AR Models
Quiz Solution

Advanced AR Models :
Understanding ARMA Model
Implementing ARMA Model
Understanding ARIMA Model
Implementing ARIMA Model
Understanding SARIMA Model
Implementing SARIMA Model
Quiz on Advanced AR Models
Quiz Solution

Understanding ARIMAX Model
Implementing ARIMAX Model
Understanding SARIMAX Model
Implementing SARIMAX Model
Quiz on ARIMAX and SARIMAX Models
Quiz Solution

Choosing the Right Model :
How to Choose the Right Model in Time Series Analysis
Choosing the Right for Model Smaller Datasets
Choosing the Right Model for Larger Datasets
Best Practices while Choosing a Time series Model
Quiz on Choosing the Right Model
Quiz Solution

Why do we Evaluate Performance :
Why do we Evaluate Performance
Mean Forecast Error
Mean Absolute Error
Mean Absolute Percentage Error
Root Mean Squared Error
Quiz on Why do we Evaluate Performance
Quiz Solution

Python Crash Course - Python Fundamentals :
Why should you learn Python?
Installing Python and Jupyter Notebook
Understanding the Interface of Jupyter Notebook
Naming Convention for variables
Built in Data Types and Type Casting
Scope of Variables
Quiz on Variables and Data Types
Quiz Solution
Arithmetic and Assignment Operators
Comparison, Logical, and Bitwise Operators
Identity and Membership Operators
Quiz on Operators
Quiz Solution
String Formatting
String Methods
User Input
Quiz on Strings
Quiz Solution
If, elif, and else
For and While
Break and Continue
Quiz on Loops and Conditionals
Quiz Solution

Mastering Python Data Structures :
Differences between Lists and Tuples
Operations on Lists
Operations on Tuples
Quiz on Lists and Tuples
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Dictionaries
Operations on Dictionaries
Nested Dictionaries
Introduction to Sets
Set Operations
Quiz on Sets and Dictionaries
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Stacks and Queues
Implementing Stacks and Queues using Lists
Implementing Stacks andd Queues using Deque
Quiz on Stacks and Queues
Quiz Solution
Time Complexity
Linear Search
Binary Search
Bubble Sort
Insertion and Selection Sort
Merge Sort
Quiz on Searching, Sorting, and Time Complexity
Quiz Solution

Python Functions Deepdive :
Introduction to Functions
Default Parameters in Functions
Positional Arguments
Keyword Arguments
Python Modules
Quiz on Introduction to Functions
Quiz Solution
Lambda Functions
Filter, Map, and Zip Functions
List, set, and Dictionary Comprehensions
Quiz on Anonymous Functions
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Aggregate Functions
Introduction to Analytical Functions
Quiz on In Built Functions
Quiz Solution
Solving the Factorial Problem using Recursion
Solving the Fibonacci Problem using Recursion
Quiz on Recursions
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Classes and Objects
Quiz on Classes and Objects
Quiz Solution

Python for Data Science :
Introduction to datetime
The date and time class
The datetime class
The timedelta class
Quiz on Dates and Times
Quiz Solution
Meta Characters for Regular Expressions
Built-in Functions for Regular Expressions
Special Characters for Regular Expressions
Sets for Regular Expressions
Quiz on Regular Expressions
Quiz Solution
Array Creation using Numpy
Mathematical Operations using Numpy
Built-in Functions in Numpy
Quiz on Introduction to Numpy
Quiz Solution
Reading Datasets using Pandas
Plotting Data in Pandas
Indexing, Selecting, and Filtering Data using Pandas
Merging and Concatenating DataFrames
Lambda, Map, and Apply Functions
Quiz on Introduction to Pandas
Quiz Solution