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The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Best Way to Learn Python
Overview of the Course and the 10 Apps
Installing Python 3 and the IDE (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Optimizing the Environment for Python
Getting Help
Important - Do Not Skip
Defining Your Python Learning Path

The Basics: Getting Started with Python :
Writing Our First Python Program
Variables and their Use in a Program
Your First Python Exercise (E)
Assign Multiple Values and Print (E)
The Python Shell
Cheatsheet (Getting Started with Python)

The Basics: Data Types :
Quick Info
Simple Types: Integers, Strings, and Floats
Create Integers, Strings, and Floats (E)
Sum Up Numbers (E)
List Types
Create List (E)
Create Complex List (E)
Did You Know?
How to Find Out What Code You Need
Bonus: Steps of Learning Python
Calculate Maximum (E)
Count Values (E)
Modify String (E)
Dictionary Types
Did You Know?
Create Dictionary (E)
Tuple Types
Create Tuple (E)
Create Complex Dictionary (E)
How to Use Datatypes in the Real World?
Did You Know?
Cheatsheet (Data Types)

The Basics: Operations with Data Types :
Python Shell and Terminal Tip
List Reminder
More Operations with Lists
Append Item to List (E)
Remove Item from List (E)
Remove Three Items From List (E)
Accessing List Items
Access Item (E)
Access Items (E)
Access and Append (E)
Accessing List Slices
Accessing Items and Slices with Negative Indexes
Accessing Characters and Slices in Strings
Accessing and Slicing Lists and Strings
Slicing a List, 2nd to 4th (E)
Slicing a List, First Three (E)
Slicing a List, Last Three (E)
Dictionary Reminder
Accessing Items in Dictionaries
Tip: Converting Between Datatypes
Cheatsheet (Operations with Data Types)

The Basics: Functions and Conditionals :
Creating Your Own Functions
Calculate Length (E)
Square Area (E)
Volume Converter (E)
Print or Return?
Intro to Conditionals
If Conditional Example
Bonus Code: Using "and" and "or" in a Conditional
Conditional Explained Line by Line
More on Conditionals
Conditionals Quiz
Password Controller (E)
Warm or Cold (E)
Elif Conditionals
White Space
Hot, Warm, Cold (E)
Cheatsheet (Functions and Conditionals)

The Basics: Processing User Input :
User Input
String Formatting
String Formatting with Multiple Variables
String Formatting (E)
String Formatting and Uppercase (E)
Cheatsheet (Processing User Input)

The Basics: Loops :
For Loops: How and Why
Loop Over Colors (E)
Loop Over Big Colors (E)
Loop Over Integer Colors (E)
Loop Over Int and Big Colors (E)
For Loop Over a Function
Did You Know?
Looping Through a Dictionary
Bonus Code: Dictionary Loop and String Formatting
Loop Over Dictionary and Format (E)
Loop Over Dictionary and Replace (E)
While Loops: How and Why
While Loop Example with User Input
While Loops
While Loops with Break and Continue
Cheatsheet (Loops)

Putting the Pieces Together: Building a Program :
Problem Statement
Approaching the Problem
Building the Maker Function
Constructing the Loop
Making the Output User-Friendly

List Comprehensions :
Simple List Comprehension
List Comprehension with If Conditional
Only Numbers (E)
Only Positive Numbers (E)
List Comprehension with If-Else Conditional
Zeros Instead (E)
Convert and Sum Up (E)
Cheatsheet (List Comprehensions)

More About Functions :
Functions with Multiple Arguments
Did You Know?
Function with Multiple Parameters (E)
Default and Non-default Parameters and Keyword and Non-keyword Arguments
Functions with an Arbitrary Number of Non-keyword Arguments
Average Function (E)
Indefinite Number of Strings Processed (E)
Functions with an Arbitrary Number of Keyword Arguments
Indefinite Number of Keyword Arguments (E)
Cheatsheet (More on Functions)

File Processing :
The Concept of Processing Files in Python
Reading Text From a File
Read Text From File and Print (E)
File Cursor
Closing a File
Opening Files Using "with"
Different Filepaths
Writing Text to a File
Reading and Processing Text (E)
File Processing Inside Function (E)
Write Snail (E)
Write First 90 (E)
Appending Text to an Existing File
Read and Append (E)
Copy n-times (E)
Cheatsheett (File Processing)

Modules :
Builtin Modules
Standard Python Modules
Third-Party Modules
Third-Party Module Example
Cheatsheet (Imported Modules)

Application 1: Building an English Thesaurus :
Interactive English Dictionary - How The Output Will Look Like
Know Your Dataset
Loading JSON Data
Returning the Definition of a Word
Non-Existing Words
Dealing with Case-Sensitive Words
Calculating the Similarity Between Words
Best Matches out of a List of Words
Finding the Most Similar Word from a Group of Words
Getting Confirmation from the User
Optimizing the Final Output
Sharing is Caring
Exercise: Making Version 1.1 of the Program
Solution: Making Version 1.2 of the Program
Exercise: Making Version 1.2 of the Program
Solution: Making Version 1.2 of the Program

Python and MySQL: Interactive English Dictionary :
Intro to the App
Making the App
More SQL Statements

Using Python with CSV, JSON, and Excel Files :
The "pandas" Data Analysis Library
Installing pandas
Getting Started with pandas
Installing Jupyter
Getting Started with Jupyter
Loading CSV Files
Exercise: Loading JSON Files
Solution: Loading JSON Files
Note on Loading Excel Files
Loading Excel Files
Loading Data from Plain Text Files
Set Table Header Row
Set Column Names
Set Index Column
Filtering Data from a pandas Dataframe
Deleting Columns and Rows
Updating and Adding new Columns and Rows
Data Analysis Example: Converting Addresses to Coordinates

Numerical and Scientific Computing with Python and Numpy :
What is Numpy?
Installing OpenCV
Convert Images to Numpy Arrays
Indexing, Slicing, and Iterating Numpy Arrays
Stacking and Splitting Numpy Arrays

Application 2: Making a Web Map of Volcanoes and Poplulation with Python :
Web Map - How The Output Will Look Like
Creating an HTML Map with Python
Adding a Marker to the Map
Practicing "for-loops" by Adding Multiple Markers
Practicing File Processing by Adding Markers from Files
Practicing String Manipulation by Adding Text on the Map Popup Window
Adding HTML on Popups
Practicing Functions by Creating a Color Generation Function for Markers
Exercise: Add and Stylize Markers
Tip on Adding and Stylizing Markers
Solution: Add and Stylize Markers
Exploring the Population JSON Data
Practicing JSON Data by Adding a Population Map Layer from the Data
Stylizing the Population Layer
Adding a Layer Control Panel

Fixing Programming Errors :
Syntax Errors
Runtime Errors
How to Fix Difficult Errors
How to Ask a Good Programming Question
Making the Code Handle Errors by Itself

Application 3: Data Analysis and Visualisation (Part 1: Pandas & Matplotlib) :
Installing the Required Libraries
Starting Jupyter
Exploring the Dataset with Python and pandas
Selecting Data
Filtering the Dataset
Time-Based Filtering
Turning Data into Information
Aggregating and Plotting Average Ratings by Day
Downsampling and Plotting Average Ratings by Week
Downsampling and Plotting Average Ratings by Month
Average Ratings by Course by Month
What Day of the Week are People the Happiest?
Other Types of Plots

Application 3: Data Analysis and Visualization: (Part 2: Interactive Charts) :
Intro to the Interactive Visualization Section
Making a Simple Web App
Making a Data Visualization Web App
Changing Graph Labels in the Web App
Adding a Time-Series Graph to the Web App
Exercise: Monthly Time-Series
Solution: Monthly Time-Series
Multiple Time-Series Plots
Multiple Time-Series Streamgraph
Exercise: Interactive Chart to Find the Happiest Day of the Week
Solution: Interactive Chart to Find the Happiest Day of the Week
Adding a Pie Chart to the Web App

Application 4: Personal Website with Python and Flask :
Personal Website - How The Output Will Look Like
Building Your First Website
Preparing HTML Templates
Adding a Website Navigation Menu
Note on Browser Caching
Improving the Website Frontend with CSS
Creating a Python Virtual Environment
How to Install Git
Deploying the Website to a Live Server
Maintaining the Live Website

Building Desktop Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with Python :
Introduction to the Tkinter Library
Creating a GUI Window and Adding Widgets
Connecting GUI Widgets with Functions
Exercise: Create a Multi-Widget GUI
Solution: Create a Multi-Widget GUI

Interacting with Databases :
How Python Interacts with Databases
Connecting to an SQLite Database with Python
(SQLite) Selecting, Inserting, Deleting, and Updating SQL Records
PostgreSQL Database with Python
(PostGreSQL) Selecting, Inserting, Deleting, and Updating SQL Records
Working with MySQL Databases

Application 5: Building a Desktop SQL Book Inventory GUI App with Python :
How The Output Will Look Like
Designing the User Interface
Coding the Frontend Interface
Coding the Backend
Connecting the Frontend with the Backend, Part 1
Connecting the Frontend with the Backend, Part 2
Exercise: Fixing a Bug in Our Program
Solution: Fixing a Bug in Our Program
Creating .exe and .app Executables from the Python Script

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) :
What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?
Using OOP in a Program, Part 1
Using OOP in a Program, Part 2
Creating a Bank Account Class
Creating Classes Through Inheritance
OOP Glossary
Exercise: Rewriting the App Using Classes and OOP
Solution: Rewriting the App Using Classes and OOP

Application 6: Building a Mobile App with Python and the Kivy Library :
How the Output Will Look Like
Installing the Library
Creating a User Login Page
Creating a User Sign Up Page
Capturing User Input
Processing User Sign Ups
Creating a Sign Up Success Page
Switching Between Pages
Processing User Login Credentials
Displaying Output to the User
Stylizing the Login Page
Stylizing the Sign Up Page
Making the Buttons Interactive
Making a Scrollable Area

Making an Android APK File from the Kivy App :
Preparing the Environment for Deploying the App to and Android Phone
Creating an APK file for Android
Installing the APK file on Android
Deploying to iOS

Image and Video Processing with Python and OpenCV :
Installing the Library
Loading, Displaying, Resizing, and Creating Images
Exercise: Batch Image Resizing
Solution: Batch Image Resizing
Solution Further Explained
Detecting Faces in Images
Capturing Video with Python

Application 7: Building a Webcam Program that Detects Moving Objects :
How The Output Will Look Like
Detecting Moving Objects from the Webcam
Storing Motion Timestamps on a CSV File

Interactive Data Visualization with Python and Bokeh :
Introduction to Bokeh
Installing Bokeh
Your First Bokeh Plot
Exercise: Plotting Triangles and Circles
Solution: Plotting Triangles and Circles
Using Bokeh with Pandas
Exercise: Plotting Education Data
Solution: Plotting Education Data
Note on Loading Excel Files
Changing Plot Properties
Exercise: Plotting Weather Data
Solution: Plotting Weather Data
Changing Visual Attributes
Creating a Time-series Plot
More Visualization Examples with Bokeh
Plotting Time Intervals from the Data Generated by the Webcam App
Implementing a Hover Feature

Web Scraping with Python & Beautiful Soup :
Section Introduction
How Web Scraping Works
Request Headers to Enable Web Scraping
Web Scraping Example with Python

Application 8: Buiding a Web Scraper of Real Estate Listings :
How The Output Will Look Like
Preparing the Request Headers
Loading the Webpage in Python
Extracting "div" Elements
Scraping the Addresses of the Properties
Scraping Special Elements
Saving the Extracted Data in CSV Files
Crawling Through Multiple Web Pages

Application 9: Building a Database Web App with Flask and PostGreSQL :
How The Output Will Look Like
Steps of Creating a PostGreSQL Database Web App with Flask
Creating a Page with HTML
Stylizing the HTML Page with CSS
Capturing User Input
Creating the PostGreSQL Database Model
Storing User Data to the Database
Emailing Database Values Back to User
Emailing Data Statistics to Users
Deploying the Web Application to a Live Server
Creating a Download-Upload Feature

Application 10: (Project) Building a Geocoder Web App with Flask and Pandas :
How The Output Should Look Like
Solution, Part 1
Solution, Part 2
End of the Course

Bonus App: Build a Website Blocker :
Website Blocker - How The Output Will Look Like
Application Architecture
Setting up the Script
Setting up the Infinite Loop
Implementing the First Part
Implementing the Second Part
Scheduling the Python Program on Windows
Scheduling the Python Program on Mac and Linux

Bonus App: Data Visualization Dashboard with Bokeh :
Web-based Financial Graph - How The Output Will Look Like
Downloading Datasets with Python
Stock Market Data
Stock Market Data Candlestick Charts
Candlestick Charts with Bokeh Quadrants
Candlestick Charts with Bokeh Rectangles
Candlestick Segments
Stylizing the Chart
The Concept Behind Embedding Bokeh Charts in a Flask Webpage
Embedding the Bokeh Chart in a Webpage
Deploying the Chart Website to a Live Server

Bonus Exercises :
About this Section
Get Variable Value
Math Operators
Simple Sum
More on Indexing
More on Slicing
List Indexing
Append to List
Remove from List
Append from List to List
Concatenate List Items
Create Dictionary
Create Function
Exponential Function
Sum up Function
Function Output
Function with Default Parameters
Bonus Lecture