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The Navisworks Course: From Beginner to Intermediate

Video Introducing this tutorial
1. Introduction
2. Understanding the Navisworks Versions
3. Extensions used by Navisworks
4. Understanding the Interface
5. Important Settings
6. Importing a DWG
7. Learn how to Hide & Unhide
8. Measuring Objects on the Scene
9. Pan, Zoom & Orbit
10. Using the Selection Tree
11. Learning the View Cube & Navigation Wheel
12. Measuring tools
13. Using the Walk and Fly Tools
14. Learning How to use the Viewpoints
15. Preparing Objects on the Structure
16. Setting a Clash Detective Test
17. Managing the Clash Detective Occurrences
18. Generating a Clash Report
19. Using the Quantification Tool
20. Executing the Material Takeoff
21. Important Settings on the Timeliner
22. Making a Presentation with the Timeliner
23. Configuring objects with the Animator
24. Creating a Video and Final Thoughts