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The Data Strategy Course: Building a Data-driven Business

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the course! :
Welcome to the course!

Deciding your strategic data needs :
Delineating the 5 strategic data use case areas

Using data to improve your decisions :
Section Introduction
Curated dashboards vs. self-service data exploration
Challenges related to self-service data exploration
Asking key business questions first (KBQs)
The power of clear Key Business Questions (KBQs)
How to ask the right Key Business Questions
Giving people access to data
Curating the most important data insights

Using data to understand your customers and markets :
Secton intro
How this butcher uses data to understand customers
Netflix use case - vs Disney - this is why Disney launched Disney +
Amazon use case
The increasing need for real-time data to understand customers and markets

Using data to provide more intelligent services :
Using data to provide more intelligent services

Using data to make more intelligent products :
Using data to make more intelligent products
Using data to improve your business processes
Using data to improve your business processes

Monetising your data :
Monetising your data - intro
The Shotspotter case study

Defining your data use cases :
Defining data use cases walk through (part 1)
Defining data use cases walk through (part 2)
Defining data use cases walk through (part 3)

Sourcing and collecting the data :
Secton intro
Structured vs unstructured data
Internal vs external data
Different types of data
Meta data
The importance of realtime data
Gathering internal data
Accessing external data
Sources of external data
When the data you want doesn't exist

Turning data into insights :
Section intro
Text analytics
Sentiment analytics
Image analytics
Video analytics
Voice analytics
Data mining
Business experiments
Visual analytics
Time series analysis
Monte carlo simulation
Linear programming
Cohort analysis
Factor analysis
Neural network analysis
Deep learning
Reinforcement learning

Creating the technology and data infrastructure :
Section intro
How to collect data
How to store data
How to process data
Communicating data
What is а KPI dashboard
How to design a KPI Dashboard
Reporting lessons from journalists
Using KPI dashboard software
Big data as a service

Building the data competencies in your organisation :
Section intro
Skills shortage
The skills needed for a data scientist
Building internal skills and competencies
Outsourcing your data analysis
Leadership challenges

Executing and revisiting your strategy :
Putting the data strategy into action
Why data strategies fail
Creating a data culture
Revisiting the data strategy
A changing business environment
Changing technology landscape

Looking ahead :
Using data for good