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The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Basic Introduction & Important Tips to Start :
Introduction To Dropshipping Business
How You Will Make Money From Drop-Shipping
Create Your FREE Shopify Store
Shopify Basic and Important Settings DON'T MISS
Understanding Your Business What You Will Do!

Building Out Your Profitable Shopify Store :
Adding an 'About Us' Page In Our Store
Adding an 'Contact Us' Page In Our Store
Privacy Policy page all page in this video
Part 1 - Create Your Store LOGO
Part 2 - Publish Your LOGO In Your Shopify Store
Free Theme Vs Paid Theme For Your Shopify Store
Upload Free Theme To Your Shopify Store
How Can You Upload Paid Theme To Your Shopify Store
Shopify Theme Customization Part-1
Shopify Theme Customization Part-2

Adding Product From Aliexpress :
Adding a Product In Your Shopify Store
Customize Your Product Page Part-1
Customize Your Product Page Part-2
Collection Page Setup
Sales Tip 1 How To Sell A Product
Sales Tips 2- Adding Product Reviews

Understanding Your Target Audience :
Setting Up Your Facebook Page For Your Shopify Store
The Customer Avatar
The Audience Insights Tool
Buyers and Communities

Now It Get Exciting - Time To Build a Real Dropshipping Business :
Choosing A Shopify Plan
Registering A Domain Name (2 Options)
Registering A Domain Name With An External Host
Registering a domain name with an external host (Part-2)
Setting Up Your Email On Your External Host
Connecting Your Domain Name To Your Shopify Store
Adding the Title And Meta Description
Removing The Password Protection
The 3 Shipping Models
Implementing A Basic Shipping Rate
Shopify Payments Setup
Setting Your Store Currency
Making A Test Order

Driving Traffic To Your Store :
The All Important Facebook Pixel
Setting Up and Adding Your Facebook Pixel To Your Shopify Store DON'T MISS
Facebook Marketing Guide Step by Step Part-1
Facebook Marketing Guide Step by Step Part-2
Crate Your First Facebook Ad Campaign Of Dropshipping
Facebook Ads Split Testing
Scale Or Kill
How To Scale Correctly
Facebook Advertising Alternatives
Influencers Intsagram Marketing

Finding Winning Product For Your Store :
Finding Winning Product Through Facebook Part-1
Finding Winning Product Through Facebook Part-2
Finding Winning Product Through Free Tools
Finding Winning Product Through Paid Tool
Finding Winning Product Through Google Shopping Part-1
Finding Winning Product Through Google Shopping Part-2

Order Fulfillment :
Oberlo Shipping Setting
The Customer Purchase Procedure What Actually Happens
Ordering the Product From AliExpress
FullFill Your First Order
How To Scale Your Orders
How To Handle Refunds And Returns

Building Credibility :
Branding Your Dropshipping Store
FAQ Page
Speed Up Your Shopify Store Must Watch
Securing Your Dropshipping Store
Social Proof And Your Facebook Page
The BEST Countries To Target For Dropshipping
Shipping And Handling
A Virtual Phone System

Boosting Your Sales For Free (Almost) :
Abandoned Carts What Are They And Why Do They Happen
Abandoned Cart Emails
Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
Shopify Email Marketing
INCREASE Your Shopify Sales With Upsells And CrossSells
Create A Blog

Good HouseKeeping :
Registering A Business
Running Your Dropshipping Business DON'T MISS
Backup Your Shopify Store

The Sky's The Limit :
General, Niche Or Single Product Store
Selling In Other Countries Outside the US
Sourcing From Other Countries And Suppllers
Selling Your Store With ZERO Sales DON'T MISS
Final Thoughts

Golden Section :
Boost Your Sales From FREE TRAFFIC DON'T Miss Out
Shopify Store ON PAGE SEO
My Secret Strategies For Facebook Ads Must Watch
GOOD LUCK For Your Dropshipping Business Motivational Clip