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The Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp: Beginner To Advanced

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course

Setting Up a Pentesting Lab:
Installing VirtualBox
Installing Kali Linux
Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions
Creating a Bootable Kali USB Flash Drive
Important Things to do After Installing Kali Linux

Linux Essentials for Hackers:
Basic Commands 1
Basic Commands 2
Basic Commands 3

Networking Tools and Essential Terminology:
Networking Terminology
Changing Our IP and Setting Up Your Wireless Adapter
Hacking Terminology

Passive Information Gathering and Footprinting:
Google Hacking
Whois Information Gathering
Email Harvesting
Information Gathering with Shodan
DNS Zone Transfers with Dig

Active Information Gathering and Port Scanning:
installing Metasploitable
Nmap - 1
Nmap - 2
Nmap - 3
Scanning with Zenmap
TCP Scans
Bypassing Firewalls with Nmap
Using Nmap Scripts - 1
Using Nmap Scripts - 2

Web Application Penetration Testing:
Installing Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
HTTP Requests
HTTP Responses
Configuring BurpSuite
Modifying Packets in BurpSuite
Whatweb and Dirb
Password Recovery Attacks
Brute Force Attacks with BurpSuite
Brute Force Attacks with Hydra
Session Fixation
Injection Attacks
Command Injection
Exploiting Command Injection
Finding Blind Command Injection
SQL Basics
Manual SQL Injection - 1
Manual SQL Injection - 2
SQLmap Basics
XML Injection
Installing Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT) and Preventing Injection Attacks
Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Stored XSS
Modifying HTML Code with XSS
XSSer and XSSsniper

Wireless Penetration Testing:
Wireless Attacks Fundamentals
Enabling Monitor Mode
Capturing Handshakes with Airodump-ng
Rockou.txt Wordlist
Cracking Passwords with Aircrack-ng
Cracking Passwords with Hashcat
Making Password Lists with Crunch
Making Password Lists with Cupp
Rainbow Tables - 1
Rainbow Tables - 2
Installing Fluxion
Finding and Cracking Hidden Networks
Preventing Wireless Attacks

System Hacking and Exploitation:
The Metasploit Console
Metasploit Modules Explained
Brute Forcing SSH with Metasploit
Exploiting Apache Tomcat with Metasploit
Getting a Meterpreter Session with Command Injection
PHP Code Injection
Exploiting Metasploitable2
Wine Installation
Crafting Windows Payloads with Msfvenom
Encoders and Hexeditor
Windows 10 Meterpreter Session
Meterpreter Environment
Windows 10 Privilege Escalation
Preventing Privilege Escalation
Post Exploitation Modules
Getting a Meterpreter Session Over the Internet with Port Forwarding
EternalBlue Exploit
Persistence Module
Hacking Over the Internet with Ngrok
Creating Android Payloads with Msfvenom
The Real Hacking Begins Now!

MITM Attacks (Man in the Middle):
ARP Protocol Basics
MITM Attacks Explained
Installing MITMf
Manual Arp Spoofing
Problems while Installing MITMf
HTTP Traffic Sniffing
DNS Spoofing and HTTPS Password Sniffing
Hooking Browsers with BEEF
Taking a Screenshot of the Target's Browser
Cloning Any Webpage
Man In The Middle Attack - Ettercap Basics

Python Basics:
Raw Input
If Else Statement
For Loop
While Loop
Python Lists
Importing Libraries
Files in Python
Try and Except Rule

Developing an Advanced Backdoor:
The Theory Behind Reverse Shell
Simple Server Code
Connection with Reverse Shell
Sending and Receiving Messages
Sending Messages Using the While Loop
Executing Commands on the Target System
Fixing Backdoor Bugs and Adding Functions
Installing Pyinstaller
First Performance Test of Your Backdoor
Trying to Connect Every 20 Seconds
Creating Persistence Part 1
Creating Persistence Part 2
Changing Directory
Uploading and Downloading Files
Downloading Files from the Internet
Starting Programs from Our Backdoor
Capturing Screenshot on Target PC
Embedding Backdoor in Image Part 1
Embedding Backdoor in Image Part 2
Checking for Administrator Privileges
Adding Help Option

Developing a Keylogger:
Importing Pynput
Simple Keylogger
Adding Report Function
Writing Keystrokes to a File
Adding Keylogger to Your Reverse Shell Part 1
Adding Keylogger to Your Reverse Shell Part 2
Final Project Test

Developing a Brute Force Attacker:
Printing Banner
Adding Available Options
Starting Threads for Brute Force
Making Function to Run the Attack
Brute Forcing Router Login
Bypassing Antivirus with All Your Future Programs
Sending Malware with Spoofed Email