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Techniques for Shading Objects in Adobe Photoshop – A Graphic Design for Lunch™ Class

Video Introducing this tutorial
1. Shading in Photoshop Introduction
2. Pt 1 Create a simple half and half shading effect
3. Pt 2 A more complex half and half effect
4. Pt 3 Simple shadow and highlight shading
5. Pt 4 A more complex shadow and highlight shading
6. Pt 5 Shading with Brushes
7. Pt 6 Shadow and Highlights with Layer Styles
8. Pt 7 Highlights and shadows using Shape Paths
9. Pt 8 Recolor a mult layer shape
10. Bonus Shapes in the most recent versions of Photoshop
11. Shading in Photoshop Project and Wrapup