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Talk Python Python 3, an illustrated tour

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction
Course resources and source code
Installing Python on Windows
Video player: A quick feature tour
Installing Pipenv on Windows
Virtual Environments and Pip
Walk-through: Virtual Environments and Pip (Windows)
Walk-through: Virtual Environments and Pip (Unix)
Walk-through: Virtual Environments and Pip (IDLE)
Walk-through: Virtual Environments and Pip (PyCharm)
Walk-through: Unicode
Unicode in Files
Unicode Variable Names
String Formatting
Walk-through: String Formatting
Walk-through: f-Strings
Unicode Literals
Long Unification
Underscores in Numerics
Walk-through: Number
Walk-through: Statistics
Walk-through: super()
Matrix Multiplication
Walk-through: Matrix Multiplication
Dictionary Key Sharing
Keyword-only Arguments
Walk-through: Keyword-only Arguments
Introducing Annotations
Annotation syntax
An annotation example
Variable annotations
The Typing library
Annotations best practices
mypy (type consistency verification)
Walk-through: Annotations
3rd-party Annotation tools (combined)
3rd-party: monkeytype
3rd-party: pyannotate
3rd-party: mypy
3rd-party tool summary
Walk-through (part 1): Annotation Tooling
Walk-through (part 2): Annotation Tooling
Print Function
Walk-through: Print Function
Walk-through: pathlib
Walk-through: Enum
asyncio Definitions
Concurrency Example
Python's GIL
Parallelism and Asynchrony Compared
Painting Code Example
asyncio Building Blocks
asyncio When and Why
Cooperative Multitasking From the Ground Up
Cooperative Multitasking, Async Version
Coroutine Requirements
asyncio Tips and Tools
Walk-through: Asyncio
asyncio Context Managers
Walk-through: Asyncio Context Managers
asyncio Context Iterators
Walk-through: Asyncio Context Iterators
asyncio Generators
Walk-through: Asyncio Generators
Walk-through: Exceptions
Extended Unpacking
Walk-through: Extended Unpacking
Unpacking Generalizations
Walk-through: Unpacking Generalizations
More laziness
Strict ordering
No more name leakage
Walk-through: Other Changes