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Talk Python MongoDB for Developers with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

MongoDB is loved
Course topics
Tools that you will learn
Meet your instructor
Video player: A quick feature tour
NoSQL history
Origins of NoSQL
Types of NoSQL databases
Working with document DBs and queries styles
Introducing MongoDB
Who uses MongoDB
MongoDB and the tools we will use
Setting up MongoDB as a Windows service
Concept: MongoDB as a Windows service
Setting up MongoDB on macOS
Concept: Setting up MongoDB on macOS
Setting up MongoDB on Linux
Concept: Setting up MongoDB on Linux
MongoDB's query syntax
Connecting to MongoDB with the shell
Concept: Connecting to MongoDB with the shell
Basic querying
Concept: Basic querying
Robomongo: A better shell
Advanced queries
Concept: Advanced queries
Exact subdocument matches
Sorting MongoDB results
Concept: Sorting MongoDB results
Inserting documents in MongoDB
Updating documents in MongoDB
Deleting documents form MongoDB
Atomic, in-place updates
Concept: Atomic, in-place updates
Introduction to PyMongo
Connecting with PyMongo
Concepts: Getting starting with PyMongo
Concept: Connection strings
Atomic updates
Concept: Atomic updates
Mapping MongoDB's JavaScript API to PyMongo
Introduction to document design
To embed or not to embed
Do you have an integration database?
A real world example
More document patterns
Introducing ODMs
Welcome to mongoengine
The dealership demo
Introducing the application skeleton
Registering connections in mongoengine
Basic classes in mongoengine
Required and default values in mongoengine classes
Adding the engine to the car document
Adding service histories to the car document
Listing cars
Adding service histories by whole document
Adding service histories with in-place updates
Subdocument queries
A parting glitch
Concept: Registering connections
Concept: Creating classes
Concept: Inserting objects with mongoengine
Concept: Querying with mongoengine
Concept: Updates in mongoengine
Introducing performance-tuning in MongoDB
The MongoDBs performance knobs
A popular dealership
Creating the big DB
Surveying the new code
Running the default configuration
Adding indexes in mongoenegine
Concept: Indexes via the shell
Concept: Indexes via mongoengine
Concept: Document design for performance
Concept: Projections
Warning: Action required
The MongoDB deployment checklist
Creating a couple of cloud servers
Installing MongoDB for production use
Concept: Installing MongoDB for production
Limit you network exposure
Limit you network exposure in action
Concept: Limit network exposure
Adding encrypted communication for MongoDB
Concept: Adding encrypted communication for MongoDB
Adding authentication to MongoDB
Concept: Adding authentication to MongoDB
The BIG moment
Connecting to MongoDB via Python
Concept: Connecting to MongoDB via Python
MongoDB admin tools
Concept: MongoDB admin tools
You've done it!
Lightning review
Lightning review: Shell query syntax
Lightning review: pymongo
Lightning review: Document design
Lightning review: mongoengine
Lightning review: Performance tuning MongoDB
Lightning review: Deployments
Thanks and goodbye