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Talk Python Mastering PyCharm

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to Mastering PyCharm
Meet your instructor
The spectrum of editors
Why choose an IDE?
IDEs are crazy fast
PyCharm is more than just Python
Versions: Pro and community
PyCharm is open source
Python runtimes
How do you learn all the features of an IDE?
This is not an infomercial
Get the source code on github
Video player: A quick feature tour
macOS setup
Windows setup
Linux setup
Project introduction
Creating projects
Working with existing projects
Concept: Creating new projects
Concept: Classifying directories
Search everywhere
Concept: Search everywhere
Navigating within a project
Concept: Navigating within a project
Python virtual environments
venv conventions
Requirements.txt and friends
Run configurations
Your turn: Projects
Introducing the PyCharm editor
Working with the editor demo
Concepts: The editor
Light-bulb moments
Discovering new features
Concept: Discovering new features
Formatting and code cleanup
Code formatting for teams
Lens mode
Object-oriented and class-based features
Viewing documentation
Creating documentation
Concept: Creating documentation
Find usages of functions and other symbols
Live templates in action
Your turn: Editor
Introduction to source control within PyCharm
Accessing source control
Concept: Accessing source control
Editor-level source control
Concept: Editor-level source control
Local history
git flow and PRs
PyCharm git flow and PRs
Concept: PyCharm git flow and PRs
Quick gist
Your turn: Source control
What is refactoring?
Finding duplicate code
Renaming items
Introducing variables
Creating constants
Moving code
To and from packages
Concepts: Refactoring
Your turn: Refactoring
Introduction to database tools
Data application introduction
Adding data connections
Database diagrams
Querying data in the SQL console
Modifying data with the console
A coding delight
Concepts: Database features
Your turn: Databases
Introductions to server-side web apps
Creating server-side projects
Template tooling (Chameleon, Jinja2, etc)
Static file
Concepts: Server-side apps
Introduction to client-side apps
Basic HTML and JavaScript
TypeScript tooling
Front-end JavaScript frameworks
Electron JS introduction
Electron JS demo
Concepts: Client-side web apps
Your turn: Web apps
Introduction to debugging tools
A debugging example
Conditional breakpoints
Concepts: Debugging
Your turn: Debugging
Introduction to packages
Opening existing packages
Creating new packages
Concepts: Packaging
Your turn: Packages
Introduction to profiling
Surveying the slow application
Profiling the slow app
Optimizing the JSON search API
Optimizing the database access
Optimizing the machine learning
Concepts: Profiling
Your turn: Profiling
Introduction to unit testing
The application to test
Running pytest tests
Writing our tests
Testing failure conditions
Measuring test quality with code coverage
Concepts: Testing
Concepts: Coverage
Your turn: Testing
Introduction to the data science tools
Activating data science mode
Concepts: Data science mode
Exploring data in notebooks
Concepts: Exploring data in notebooks
Your turn: Data science
Introduction to tool windows
Todo demo
The run window
A better Python REPL
A preloaded terminal
Favorites window
File structure
Introduction to plugins
The builtin plugins
A 1,000 extra plugins
You've done it!
How to remember all these features
Don't forget the source
Your turns
Get the back story
Thanks and goodbye