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Talk Python Managing Python Dependencies Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course and What We'll Cover
Video player: A quick feature tour
Lesson Overview
Introduction to Dependency Management
pip: The Python Package Manager
Installing & Updating pip
Python Package Repositories
PyPI Warehouse Sneak Peek
Installing Packages With pip
Identifying & Updating Outdated Packages
Uninstalling Packages
Recap and Summary
Introduction to Virtual Environments
Creating and Activating a Virtual Environment
Installing Packages Into a Virtual Environment
Leaving and Switching Between Virtual Environments
Destroying Virtual Environments
My Virtual Environment Workflow
Recap and Summary
Lesson Overview
How Third-Party Packages Can Help You
Finding Popular Packages on Curated Lists
"Rules of Thumb" for Selecting a Great Package - Part 1
"Rules of Thumb" for Selecting a Great Package - Part 2
Recap and Summary
Lesson Overview
Introduction to Requirements Files
Capturing Project Dependencies
Restoring Captured Dependencies
Separating Development and Production Dependencies
Requirements Files Best Practices
Recap and Summary
You've Done It!