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Tableau Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Apply the power of Tableau 2021 to your data
What you should know before starting

1. Introducing Tableau :
Download Tableau
Install Tableau drivers
Introduce Tableau file types
Get help in Tableau

2. Managing Data Sources and Visualizations :
Connect to a data source
Join related data sources
Join data sources with inconsistent field names
Clean up source data
Reorder fields in a visualization
Change the summary operation
Split text into multiple columns
Present data using storylines

3. Managing Tableau Worksheets and Workbooks :
Display the data underlying a workbook
Add, duplicate, and rename worksheets
Reorder, clear, and delete worksheets
Change a worksheet’s tab color
Show or hide worksheet elements
Save your changes
Save your workbook as a PDF file
Create a packaged workbook
Export data to a CSV file
Export visualizations to PowerPoint

4. Creating Custom Calculations and Fields :
Present Tableau operators and built-in functions
Create a calculated field
Create a calculated field on a shelf
Add a table calculation
Use level of detail expressions
Create calculations in dialog boxes

5. Analyzing Data :
Calculate averages, medians, minimums, and maximums
Count occurrences and distinct items
Display the Summary Card
Calculate percentages within a table
Forecast future values

6. Sorting and Filtering Tableau Data :
Sort based on a field’s values
Create a multi-level sort
Create a selection filter
Create a wildcard filter
Create a condition filter
Create a top filter
Edit, clear, and delete filters
Filter data using parameters
Edit and delete parameters

7. Defining Groups and Sets :
Define a group
Define a group for other values
Find members of a group
Edit and delete groups
Define a set
Create summaries using sets
Combine sets
Edit and delete sets

8. Creating Basic Visualizations :
Create column and stacked column charts
Create line charts and area fill charts
Create pie charts
Create scatter plots
Identify data clusters
Create histograms
Summarize data using a smart histogram
Create a treemap

9. Formatting Tableau Visualizations :
Change the visual summary type
Change the appearance of your data
Display a visualization in presentation mode
Create a highlight table
Display a viz in a tooltip

10. Annotating and Formatting Visualizations :
Annotate a visualization
Format chart elements
Change the color sequence in charts
Add a trend line to a chart
Add reference lines, distributions, and boxes
Manage viz animations

11. Mapping Geographic Data :
Create a basic map
Add and remove map layers
Enhance map analysis using distance measurement tools
Disable pan and zoom in maps
Define custom regions

12. Creating Dashboards and Actions :
Create a dashboard
Arrange and resize dashboard elements
Replace a worksheet in a dashboard quickly
Define a filter action
Define a highlight action
Define parameter actions

Conclusion :
Further resources