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T shirt Design in Affinity Designer for Desktop

Video Introducing this tutorial
1. Introduction
2. How to get help resources and submit projects
3. Introduction to your first T shirt
4. Interface Basics
5. Creating your first document
6. Sizing for print on demand
7. The artistic text tool
8. Utilizing stroke
9. Adding transparency Exporting your design
10. Placing it on a mock up
11. Intro to section 2
12. What is Raster vs Vector art
13. Getting the color right
14. The different sizes In a T shirt
15. Setting up Presets for T shirt work
16. Introduction to the Dog Mom T shirt
17. Working with Effects and adjustment layers
18. Working with the pen tool to create lines
19. Working with vector shapes
20. Working with Vector clipping masks
21. Adding vector shapes and brush strokes
22. Adding text and rough blocking
23. Polishing exporting and adding to the mock up
24. Introduction to section 4
25. What makes a good T shirt design
26. Different technologies out there in the T-shirt space
27. Where to go to find good T shirt designs
28. Some diffeerent models for how people create T shirt designs
29. A full printed DTG T shirt - Step by Step
30. Introduction to the Wave rider retro shirt
31. Pulling reference and sketching
32. Working in vector using operations
33. Adding the surfboard and gradients
34. Adding waves
35. Adding text and adjusting the vector
36. Using masks to add texture
37. Polishing Exporting and placing in the flat lay
38. 06 000 Final
39. Gather references and create the artboard
40. Selecting the image using the selection brush
41. Adjusting the image and adding the major blocks
42. Adding background and drop shadow
43. Exporting and placing
44. Introduction to the Gothic Shirt
45. Licenses for pre made vectors
46. Laying out and modifying vectors
47. Blocking the image
48. Adding background and accents
49. Adding blood and texture
50. Exporting and inverting for different shirts
51. Introduction to the packaging section
52. Doing color separations for screen printers Part 1
53. Doing color separations for screen printers part 2
54. Preparing for print
55. Packaging for shipment
56. Making Assets
57. Introduction to the Oni Ball Shirt
58. Sketching and research
59. Laying out the base shape
60. Setting stroke length and pencil tool basics
61. Outlining and adjusting
62. Choosing colors
63. Adjusting the base color and shadow Part 1
64. Adding transparency- Speed draw
65. highlights and duplicating over
66. Adjusting the shape and finishing
67. Setting variable coloring schemes using artboards
68. Wrap up and parting words