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Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Why Svelte?
What is Svelte?
Join our Online Learning Community
Setting Up a First App & The Course Project
Writing Some Svelte Code
Course Outline
How To Get The Most Out Of The Course
Course Resources

Base Syntax & Core Features :
Module Introduction
Using Curly Braces & Understanding the Core Syntax
Reactive Variables
More Reactivity
Binding to Element Properties
Two-Way Binding Shortcut
Using Multiple Components
Components & Communication via Props
Diving Deeper into Bindings
Using Self-Extending Properties
Outputting HTML Content
A XSS Example
Setting Dynamic CSS Classes
Time to Practice: The Basics
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Working with Conditionals & Loops :
Module Introduction
Using "if" Statements in HTML
if, else & else-if
Outputting Lists with "each"
"each", "else" & Extracting the Index
Lists & Keys
Time to Practice: Conditionals & Loops
A Closer Look at List Keys
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

A Closer Look at Reactivity :
Module Introduction
Updating Arrays & Objects Immutably
Understanding Event Modifiers
Using Inline Functions
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Project - First Steps :
Module Introduction
Project Setup & A First Component
Different Ways of Mounting Components
How to Embed Widgets
Adding Data
Adding a New Component (MeetupItem)
Working with Different Component Types
Passing Data Into Components
Adding a "MeetupGrid" Component
Adding New Meetups via a Form
Creating a "TextInput" Component
Adding a Custom "Button" Component
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Diving Deeper Into Components :
Module Introduction
Understanding the Different Component Types
Component Communication Overview
Event Forwarding
Emitting Custom Events
How to Extract Event Data
Using Spread Props & Default Props
Working with Slots
Named & Default Slots
Example: Opening & Closing a Modal
Using Slot Props
The Component Lifecycle - Theory
Creation & Update Lifecycle Hooks in Action
Using "tick()"
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Project - Components Deep Dive :
Module Introduction
Adding Default Props
Communication via Custom Events
Utilizing Slots
Creating an "EditMeetup" Component
Communicating Between Components
Time for More Slots!
Adding a Re-Usable "Modal" Component
Finishing the "Modal" Component
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Working with Bindings & Forms :
Module Introduction
Two-Way Binding Refresher
Understanding Custom Component Bindings
Relying on Automatic Number Conversion
Binding Checkboxes & Radio Buttons
Binding Dropdowns
Binding to Element References
Binding to Component References
Validating Forms & Inputs
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Project - Bindings & Forms :
Module Introduction
Exploring Different Validation Solutions
Adding Validation & Error Output to the "TextInput" Component
Adding Some Validation Logic
Finishing "TextInput" Validation
Validating the Overall Form
Improvements & Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Managing State & Data with Stores :
Module Introduction
What's the Problem?
Creating a Writable Store & Subscribing
Updating Store Data
Stores and Stateful & Presentational Components
Managing Store Subscriptions
Using Autosubscriptions
A Second Store!
Subscribing for a Short Period
Understanding Readable Stores
Unlimited Power with Custom Stores
Wrap Up
Derived Store & Store Bindings
Useful Resources & Links

Course Project - Stores :
Module Introduction
A Possible Error
Setting Up a Store
Using a Custom Store
Tapping into the Store from Different Components
Adding a "MeetupDetail" Component
Preparing the "Edit Meetup" Form
Continuing Work on the "Edit" Feature
Adding a "Delete" Functionality
Adding a "Filter" Component
Some Final Steps
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Motion, Transitions & Animations :
Module Introduction
Animating Values with a Tweened Store
Using a Spring Store Instead
Preparing a Transition Example
Element Transitions
More on Transitions
Using Different "in" and "out" Transitions
Animating Passive (Affected) Items
Deferred Transitions
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Project - Transitions :
Module Introduction
Animating the Modal
Animating the Meetup Items
Animating the "Favorite" Badge & Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Network Interaction via Http :
Module Introduction
Adding a REST API
Sending Data via a POST Request
Showing a Loading Indicator & Sending Correct Data
Fetching & Transforming Data
Things to Consider
Using the "await" Block
Http + A Store
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Project - Http :
Module Introduction
Storing Meetups on a Server
Fetching & Transforming Data
Adding a Loading Spinner
Updating via PATCH
Sending "Favorite" Updates & Deleting Data
Fixing the Order of Items
Adding Error Handling
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Special Elements :
Module Introduction
Dynamic Components
Recursive Components
Accessing Windows, Body & Head
Cross-Component Scripts
Useful Resources & Links

Routing & Server-side Rendering with Sapper :
Module Introduction
What and Why?
Understanding the Folder Structure
Inspecting the Web Page
Filenames & Routes
Error & Layout Pages
Preloading in Components
Pre-fetching Data
Migrating the Meetup Project Files into the Sapper Project
Fetching Data on the Client Side
Prefetching Data on the Server
Syncing Fetched Data & the Store
Editing & Deleting Meetups
Rendering the MeetupDetail Page
Adding Global CSS
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Deployment :
Module Introduction
Different App Types & Deployment Options
Building the App
Rendering Content Correctly on the Server
Deploying a SSR App
Hosting a Static Site
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Roundup :
Svelte vs React vs Angular vs Vue
Course Summary
Bonus Content