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Cisco CCNP Collaboration: CIPTV1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Introduction :
Describing the role of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, its architecture and its deployment and redundancy options.
Performing Initial Cisco Unified Communications Manager Configuration
Deploying Endpoints and Users
Deploying IP Phone Services

Dial Plan Introduction and Implementation of Single-Site On-Cluster Calling :
Describing Dial Plan Components
Implementing Endpoint Addressing and Call Routing
Implementing Calling Privileges
Implementing Call Coverage in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Implementation of Single-Site Off-Cluster Calling :
Analyzing Single-Site Off-Cluster Calling Requirements
Implementing PSTN Access Using MGCP Gateways
Describing Cisco IOS H.323 and SIP Gateways
Implementing PSTN Access Using H.323 Gateways
Describing the Cisco Unified Border Element
Using the Cisco Unified Border Element to Access the PSTN via a SIP Trunk
Using the Cisco Unified Border Element for URI Dialing
Describing Dial Plan Interworking

Media Resources :
Describing Media Resources in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Implementing Annunciators and MOH
Implementing MTPs

Audio and Video Conferencing :
Describing Conferencing Devices and their Functions
Implementing Conference Bridges
Describing Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000
Implementing Cisco TelePresence Server
Implementing Cisco TelePresence Conductor

Quality of Service :
Analyzing Quality of Service Requirements
Describing QoS Components and their Functions
Implementing Marking
Implementing Policing and Shaping

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