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Cisco CCNA Collaboration: CIVND

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module 1: Describe the components and architectures of Cisco Business Video solutions
Module 2: Implement Cisco Collaboration endpoints
Module 3: Implement Cisco TelePresence endpoints
Module 4: Implement multipoint conferencing on Cisco Collaboration endpoints
Module 5: Implement Cisco Digital Media Players
Bonus Material Outline:
Module 1: Video Conferencing and Streaming Fundamentals :
Lesson 1: Introduction to Video and Video Applications
Lesson 2: Video Technology Basics
Lesson 3: Video Protocols and Media
Lesson 4: Functional Components of Video Infrastructures
Lesson 5: Network Requirements of Video Solutions
Lesson 6: Cisco Video Solution Architecture Overview
Module 2: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Environmental Requirements and Installation :
Lesson 1: Environmental Requirements for Video Installations
Lesson 2: Installing Cisco TelePresence Endpoints and Profile Systems

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