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AWS Developer Associate

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Students will learn:
Set up the AWS SDK and developer credentials for Java, C#/.NET, Python, and JavaScript
Interact with AWS services and develop solutions by using the AWS SDK
Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for service authentication
Use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon DynamoDB as datastores
Integrate applications and data by using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), and AWS Step Functions
Use Web Identity Framework and Amazon Cognito for user authentication
Use Amazon ElastiCache to improve application scalability
Use containers in the development process
Leverage the CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS
Who Should Attend This Course
AWS Developer Associate is intended for intermediate-level software developers and those that are looking to gain more knowledge into AWS’s developing capabilities.

None, but we recommend that students have:
Knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
Working knowledge of core AWS services and public cloud implementation
Course Outline
Lambda API Gateway Step Functions
*Course Outline is Subject to Change
Hands-On Labs
Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Introduction to AWS Key Management Service
Introduction to Amazon EC2
Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Using Open Data with Amazon S3
S3: Multi-region Storage Backup with Cross-Region Replication
Introduction to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) (Windows)
Introduction to Amazon Aurora
Introduction to Amazon ElastiCache with Windows Server
Working with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB
Introduction to AWS Lambda
Introduction to Amazon API Gateway
Serverless Web Apps using Amazon DynamoDB - Part 1
Serverless Web Apps using Amazon DynamoDB - Part 2
Serverless Web Apps using Amazon DynamoDB - Part 3
Working with AWS CodeCommit
Working with AWS CodeCommit on Windows
Working with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Blue/Green Deployment Pattern with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Introduction to AWS CloudFormation