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Administering Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications Fundamentals and Network Terminology :
    Understanding basic components of CUCM
    Understanding fundamental network terminology

Understanding CUCM Administrative and User Interfaces :
    Understanding Administrator Interfaces
    Understanding End-User Interfaces

Common Phone and User Configuration Settings :
    Adding, modifying, and deleting endpoints
    Adding, modifying, and deleting users

Basic Dial Plan Using NANP :
    Describing Dial Plan Components
    Class of Service (COS)

Configuring Endpoint Phone Features :
    Shared lines
    Call Park
    Music on Hold (MOH)
    Extension Mobility

Basic Media Resource Configuration :
    Understanding Media Resources
    Annunciators and MOH
    Describing Conference Devices
    Implementing Conference Bridges

Basic Cisco Unity Connection Architecture :
    Basic CUC Architecture
    Integrating CUCM with CUC (SIP)
    Understanding Cisco Unity Connection Administrative Interfaces
    Configuring CUC Users, Mailboxes and Endpoints for CUC Access
    Introduction to CUC Call Handlers

Basic Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Disaster Recovery :
    Introduction to Call Detail Records
    Configuring Disaster Recovery Backup
    Performing CUCM Backup and Recovery 

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