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SQL Masterclass for Data Analysis with BigData

Video Introducing this tutorial

SQL Fundamentals :
Introduction to SQL
Build your first SQL query
Basic SQL queries Part - 1
Basic SQL queries Part - 2
Brain Buster Exercise
Brain Buster Solution
Quiz on Introduction to SQL
Quiz Solution

Installation and Set up :
Interface walkthrough
Creating Required Databases
Quiz on Installation and set up
Quiz Solution

Introduction to DQL :
Type of SQL Commands
The SELECT Command
Numerical Functions
String Functions
Exercises on String Functions
The Having Clause
Filtering using the Like Operator
Quiz on DQL
Quiz Solution

Introduction to DDL and DML :
Numerical Datatypes
String Datatypes
Quiz on DDL
Quiz Solution
Creating Databases and Tables
Alter, Drop, and Truncate
Insert, Update, and Delete
Quiz on DML
Quiz Solution
Joins, Sub Queries, & Set Operations
Foreign Key
Left, Right, and Outer Join
Compound Joins, and Multiple Joins
Star Schema
Sub Queries Part 1
Sub Queries Part 2
Quiz on Joins, Sub Queries, & Set Operations
Quiz Solution

Accessing Databases using Python :
Connecting MySQL through Python
Loading Tables into a Pandas DataFrame
Quiz on Accessing Databases using Python
Quiz Solution

Big Query :
What is Big query
How Big query works
Getting started with GCP and Big query
Importing Dataset and Executing your first Big query
Visualizing using Data Studio
BI Engine
SQL exercise on Big query
Quiz on Introduction to Big Query
Quiz Solution
Use of Big query in Data Analysis
Exploring Big query dataset on kaggle kernel
Connecting Big query to Tableau Desktop for Visualizations
Data Analysis project - Part 1 (Introduction and Setting up Problem statement)
Data Analysis project - Part 2 (Exercises and Solutions)
Quiz on Big Query for Data Analysis
Quiz Solution
What is Data warehouse
Properties of modern Data warehouse
Alternatives to Big query
Quiz on Data warehouse
Quiz Solution

Outro Section :
How to Get Your Certificate of Completion

Bonus Section :
Bonus Lecture