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SQL from Zero to Hero The Ultimate Guide to SQL Data Analysis

Video Introducing this tutorial
03-install sql and import data
04-data exploration
05-intro to query
06-select and from
07- distinct and as
08-where and data types
09-where ( and )
10-where ( )
11-where (between. and.)
12-where (in)
13-where (like and wildcards)
14-where (not)
15-where (and and or)
16-intro to aggregate functions
17-aggregate functions
19-order by and limit
20-intro to join
22-left join
23-best practices and common mistakes
24-outro and a big thank you
25-bonus mathematical operators (and- round)
26-bonus date time
27-bonus string functions and operators
28-bonus case when
29-bonus more join types
30-bonus subquery
31-bonus data setup script rundown
32-bonus data visualisation
33-bonus presentation