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Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
How social media can help you meet your business goals
Connecting with customers using Facebook and Twitter

1. Getting Strategic with Facebook and Twitter :
Developing your social media marketing strategy
Developing your content strategy for social media
Setting goals to measure success

2. Growing Your Professional Brand :
Leveraging the basics to grow your professional brand
Defining your audience on Facebook and Twitter
How to network authentically online
Establishing yourself as a thought leader with content

3. Building Community on Facebook and Twitter :
Building an online community
Building a community on Facebook
Building a community on Twitter
Identifying what content to post on social media
How to boost engagement with Facebook and Twitter
Connecting with influencers to grow your community

4. Driving Business Growth with Social Media Marketing :
Embracing storytelling
Storytelling methods on Twitter
Integrating customer service
Optimizing conversions in Facebook and Twitter

Conclusion :
Determining your next steps