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Skillshare Writing modern React apps (w/ Redux Toolkit + Typescript + Material UI + Auth0)

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Defining the Code Editor App requirements
3. Installing Node.js (NVM, asdf)
4. Installing Docker and Docker Compose
5. Creating the Auth0 account
6. Creating the boilerplate
7. Configuring Prettier
8. Adding the dependencies
9. Dockerizing our app
10. Configuring Auth0
11. Creating the app config
12. Creating the AuthProvider component
13. Creating a common Loading component
14. Creating the dark mode slice
15. Adding tests for the dark mode reducer
16. Configuring Redux persist
17. Configuring the store
18. Creating the Redux provider
19. Creating typed Hooks
20. Configuring the app colors
21. Creating the Custom Theme Provider
22. Creating Protected Routes with Auth0
23. Creating the Routes component
24. Creating the Header component
25. Creating the SignIn component
26. Creating the SignOut component
27. Creating the authenticated and unauthenticated buttons
28. Testing the authentication
29. Creating the Home page component
30. Testing UI with React Testing Library
31. Defining the Custom File and File Viewer types
32. Creating the Files reducer
33. Adding the Files reducer business logic
34. Testing the files reducer (Part 1)
35. Testing the files reducer (Part 2)
36. Changing the store folder structure
37. Creating the selectActiveFiles selector
38. Creating the Open Workspace button
39. Reading files (Part 1)
40. Reading files (Part 2)
41. Creating an Extension Icon reusable component
42. Tests for the selectFileViewerData selector
43. Creating the selectFileViewerData selector
44. Creating the File Viewer component
45. Creating the Open File thunk
46. Creating the Code Editor page
47. Creating the Custom Tab Panel
48. Creating the Code Editor Container
49. Creating the onTabClick handler
50. Creating the Custom Tab Label component
51. Creaint the Close File thunk
52. Creating the Custom Monaco Editor and finishing the app