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Skillshare World of Color: Using Color to Design a Character

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Class Overview
3. Lesson: Story of Color pt. 1
4. Lesson: Story of Color pt. 2
5. Lesson: Story of Color pt. 3
6. Lesson: Communicating with Color
7. Lesson: Color and Cartoons
8. Lesson: Hues of a Story
9. Lesson: Color Script for Pixar's Up
10. Lesson: Style and Character
11. Project : Settings, Tools, Short Cuts
12. Project: Inspiration and Guidelines
13. Project: Three Stage Sketching
14. Project: Inking
15. Project: Color Blocking
16. Project: Refining The Hues
17. Project: Saturation and Value
18. Bonus! Line Color and Rim Light
19. Wrap It Up