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Skillshare Working Class Java | A Beginners Guide To Object Oriented Programming And Software Architectures

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Jfb overview
2. What is a program
3. What happens when we run a program
4. How to write and run the code
5. Half of what we do is model data
6. Variables and their types
7. Modelling simple information
8. Modelling complex information final
9. Immutability
10. Persistence
11. Half of what we do is solve problems with logic final
12. Pbv
13. Computation logic
14. Control logic
15. Static under the hood
16. Proving it works with tests
17. What is an abstraction
18. Inheritance
19. Interfaces again
20. Abstract classes
21. Separation of concerns
22. Separation of functions
23. Separation of classes
24. Separation of packages
25. Designing new programs