Skillshare Webscrapping in Python for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

01 Introduction
02 Prerequisit libraries
03 Introduction to The Modulus Operation
04 Introduction to Simple Error Handling
05 Introduction to Pandas
06 Response Status Codes From a HTTP Request
07 Reading The Response Text From Our Request
08 First Approach at Parsing The Data
09 Understanding the Exception Cases
10 Parsing Out All Data for One Company
11 Determining Where We Can Get More Ticker Symbols
12 Extracting Company Ticker Symbols Part 1
13 Extracting Company Ticker Symbols Part 2
14 Getting Data For All Parsed Companies
15 Final Data For All Parsed Companies
16 Final Result Static Websites
17 Prerequisite Libraries for Dynamic Web Scrapping
18 Short review Recursive Functions
19 Getting started with Selenium
20 View The Page Source
21 Website Elements and XPath
22 Navigating Deeper Into The Page Source
23 Identifying The Path To Our Data
24 Using The XPath To Our Data
25 Parsing Out Our Data
26 Getting Our Final Data
27 Final Results Dynamic Websites
28 WebscrapingPythonOutro

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