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Skillshare Vue.js Headless CMS – Develop Dynamic Websites using!

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. What is a Headless CMS?
3. Introduction to
4. Setting up our Vue.js Project
5. Sending the first call to the API
6. Displaying simple content
7. Using Slices to steamline our workflow
8. Displaying Slices using Vue Components
9. Automaticly Import vue components
10. Perperation for the blog
11. Creating and Listing posts
12. Preperation for the post page
13. Dedicated post pages
14. The Linkresolver
15. Updating our Layout
16. Creating a custom Image slice
17. Applying Style
18. Finishing the blog page
19. Deploying to Netlify
20. Adding a custom Domain
21. Congratulations