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Skillshare VFX Production On-Set: Becoming a Visual Effects Supervisor

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Who am I and Who are you?
2. Path to Becoming a VFX Supervisor
3. The VFX Bidding Process
4. How and What to Supervise
5. Understanding the Film & Visual Effects Process
6. The VFX Supervisor
7. The VFX Producer
8. The VFX Production Coordinator
9. VFX PAs
10. VFX Studios & In-House Teams
11. VFX Post-Production Supervisors
12. Script Analysis and VFX Breakdown
13. Working with the Director
14. Working with the Director of Photography (DP)
15. Working with your VFX Team
16. Working with Production Design
17. VFX Shot Design and Previz
18. Establishing VFX Pipelines
19. Choosing Vendors & Team Members
20. The VFX Supervisor's Toolkit
21. The VFX Supervisor's To-Do List
22. Preparing VFX Props for Production
23. Setting up Green Screens for Production
24. Capturing Set Data for VFX
25. Working with the Camera Crew
26. Specialized Equipment for VFX Production
27. Working with Virtual Production
28. Prepare Your VFX Supervisor Toolkit
29. Prepare your Green Screen with Tracking Markers
30. Capture On-Set Data
31. Stereoscopic Production and Post-Production
32. Virtual Reality or Dome Production and Post-Production
33. Understanding the Editor's Workflow
34. Working with Production Data
35. Color LUTs
36. Working with Post-Production VFX Supervisors
37. Draft VFX with Postviz
38. VFX Finaling & Post-Production
39. Dailies & Editorial Review
40. Things a VFX Supervisor Wished You Knew
41. VFX Production Best Practices
42. The VFX Supervisor & VFX Producer
43. The Thing about Supervising
44. Stay Tuned for More!
45. Bonus Lecture: "How to Get a Job in Hollywood"