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Skillshare Unit Testing and Test Driven Development in C Plus Plus

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Beginning TDD in C plus plus Overview
2 Introduction
3 What is Unit Testing
4 What is Test Driven Development
5 Quick Example TDD Session The FizzBuzz Kata
6 Setting Up Google Test With Eclipse
7 Setting Up Google Test with Visual Studio
8 Setting Up Google Test with CLion
9 Setting Up Google Test with XCode
10 Google Test Overview
11 Supermarket Checkout Kata Overview and 1st Test Case
12 Supermarket Checkout Kata Add Items, Add Item Prices, and Calculate Total
13 Add Multiple Items and Calculate Total
14 Add and Apply Discounts
15 Throw Exception when Adding An Item with No Price
16 Overview of Test Doubles
17 Google Mock Overview
18 Google Mock Example
19 TDD Best Practices
20 Conclusion