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Skillshare UiPath 2020. Robotic Process Automation Introduction

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. UiPath Introduction
2. UiPath What is RPA
3. UiPath Platform introduction
4. UiPath Components and architecture
5. UiPath Types of processes
6. UiPath License cost
7. UiPath Software requirements
8. UiPath Installing UiPath community studio
9. UiPath User interface overview
10. UiPath The first robot
11. UiPath Orchestrator user interface
12. UiPath Connect studio to orchestrator
13. UiPath Processes
14. UiPath Git integration
15. UiPath Task subscribers count
16. UiPath Task kill IE
17. UiPath Web recording
18. UiPath Firefox extension
19. UiPath PDF recognition
20. UiPath Open project