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Skillshare Total ProtoPie – Learn advanced prototyping without code

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Total ProtoPie Introduction
2. Installing ProtoPie
3. 3 A quick tour of ProtoPie Studio
4. Organising your files - best practices
5. Importing from Figma
6. Importing from Sketch
7. Importing from Adobe XD
8. Importing from the file system
9. The ProtoPie concept model
10. Creating your first interaction
11. Creating a login form
12. Testing on real devices
13. Creating the scrollable photostream
14. Creating paging between detail views
15. Creating scrolling tabs with Chain
16. Selecting tabs to move between pages
17. Building the tab bar - the setup
18. Custom navigation to the detail screen
19. Adding navigation to login
20. Adding an animation to the tab bar
21. Animating the Login
22. Creating a custom animation
23. Creating a custom detail screen transition
24. Creating custom transitions using Reset and the Timeline
25. Making Login work using Conditions
26. Handling error states on Login
27. Using variables for Login
28. Managing states with variables and conditions
29. Creating a photo favouriting feature
30. Creating a real in-app camera
31. Adding a photo taken by the in-app camera
32. Saving a photo as a thumbnail
33. Adding haptic feedback with device sensors
34. Using Formulas to track position
35. Creating a notification counter
36. Creating a feature to accept friend requests
37. Creating components
38. Making component icons hot swappable
39. Making the tab bar reusable in other projects
40. Making Favouriting work with components
41. Passing data into components
42. Componentising the app load animation
43. ProtoPie libraries
44. ProtoPie Cloud & sharing
45. Cooking Interaction Recipes
46. It’s a wrap! Where to go from here.