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The Advanced PowerShell Scripting Crash Course 2019 – Learn PowerShell in less than 3 hours

Video Introducing this tutorial

Main Introduction
1 Introduction and PowerShell ISE
2 Variables in Powershell Edited
3 Arrays and Hashtables Edited
5 Operators
6 Set Operations
7 Conditional Control Flow
8 Loops
9 Functions and Advanced parameters
10 Advanced functions and parameter validation
11 Let s create our own PowerShell CMDLET
12 Parameter Splatting and Sending Emails via PowerShell
13 Writing Event Logs
14 PowerShell Remoting and the Invoke command
15 REST methods and downloading files with PowerShell
16 WMI classes
17 Working with CSV and XML files
18 Error Handling
19 Active Directory Module
20 Archive Module
21 AWS module for offsite backup
Final note