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Skillshare SVGs as Code: Interactive Icons and Easy Image Manipulation

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Dive In
2. SVG as Code
3. Manipulating Stroke and Fill with CSS
4. SVG 'Use' and the Shadow DOM
5. Inlining SVG
6. Fontawesome 5 & svg-with-js
7. Creating a Menu Bar
8. Making Our Menu Bar Interactive
9. Embedding Photos in SVGs
10. Your First SVG Filter - Blur
11. Color Transformation Filter
12. Masks
13. Programmatic Manipulation of SVG
14. Combining Masks with Filters
15. Applying Filters Programmatically
16. Mouse Events and Coordinates in JavaScript
17. Creating a Mask With Click and Drag
18. Uploading Custom Image
19. Saving Your SVG
20. Final Step