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Skillshare Social Media Graphic Design for Beginners (Using Free Tools)

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction and Expectations
2. Terminology and Creation Basics Introduction
3. Psychology of Colours
4. Hex Codes and Colour Palettes
5. Understanding Licenses
6. How to Find Free Images and Videos
7. Terminology, Design Dos and Don'ts
8. Instagram and Facebook Overview
9. Get to Know Canva
10. Create an Instagram Story
11. Optimise Your Instagram Story
12. Design an Inspirational Quote Graphic
13. Creating a Multi-Image Post
14. Create an Epic Facebook Page Cover
15. Design an Impactful Facebook Ad
16. Create an Animated GIF
17. Pinterest and YouTube Overview
18. Create Pin Templates
19. Customise Your Pin Templates and Tall Pins
20. Create Pinterest Board Covers
21. Create an Image Cut-Out
22. Create YouTube Channel Art
23. Create a YouTube Video Thumbnail
24. Design a YouTube End Screen [Free Template]
25. Additional Business and Web Materials Overview
26. Design a Stunning eBook
27. Learn to Resize Your PDFs and Images
28. Using Mockups
29. Thank You