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Skillshare Shoot PROFESSIONAL videos with your own camera | FILMMAKING MASTERCLASS

1. Shoot professional-looking videos with your own camera!
2. Which lens? Zoom lens vs prime lens
3. Which lens? Zoom lens vs Prime lens?
4. Which Resolution and frame rate should you use?
5. 3 important settings: Shutter speed
6. 3 important settings: Aperture
7. 3 important settings: ISO
8. 3 important settings: How to choose
9. Framing: Rule of thirds
10. Framing: Shot types (wide, medium, close)
11. Camera movements: Handheld Stabilisation
12. Camera movements: Do’s and don’ts
13. Shooting tricks: creating depth
14. Shooting tricks: In camera transitions
15. Shoot with a result in mind
16. Don’t forget: Audio
17. Don’t forget: Lighting
18. Extra gear: A basic tripod
19. Extra gear: A handheld camera rig
20. Extra gear: A gimbal and a slider
21. The post production proces
22. Congratulations, what’s next?