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Skillshare Project Planing with Primavera P6

Video Introducing this tutorial

01-01 welcome
02-02 download and installation
03-03 project structure in primavera p6
04-04 introduction to p6 interface
05-05 create projects
06-06 add wbs
07-07 add activities
08-08 activities relationships
09-09 advance (rename activity ids codes filters)
10-10 advance activity constraint
11-11 advance change start date of project
12-12 add resources
13-13 assign resources and expenses
14-14 schedule compression
15-15 add and assign baseline
16-16 update project status
17-17 earned value analyses
18-18 s curve
19-19 risk management
20-20 reports
21-21 print and export
22-22 advance general tips