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Producing Music with Reason

Video Introducing this tutorial

1.General Presentation of the course
2. Interview with presenter (Q&A)
3. Table of contents
4.The flow of MIDI and sound in Reason
5.Moving around the sequencer, the rack and the mixer
6. First notes in Reason
7. Applying effects
8.Creating a spacey piano (Exercise)
9. Introduction to music production in Reason
10. Creating a Beat in Reason
11. Sound generation basics + recording a synthbass line
12. Setting up a pad
13. Recording a melody and main file clean up tips
14. Sound design a rising woosh (Part 1)
15. Sound design a rising woosh (Part 2)
16. Importing audio in Reason - an ending impact for our music
17. Mixing music - the fundamentals
18. Preparing the mixing session
19. Spectral mixing and side chain compression
20. Finalizing the mix