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Procreate Essentials: The Ultimate Guide

1. Introduction
2. What You Will Learn
3. Procreate Overview: Sections and Tools
4. Canvas: Staying Organized
5. Getting Started With Brushes
6. Quick Shape: Your Best Friend
7. Understanding the Power of Grids
8. A Deeper Dive Into Layer Options
9. A Deeper Dive Into Colors
10. 1st Assignment: What We Have Learned So Far
11. Move Tool & Selection Menu: Learning to Work Faster
12. Adjustment Menu: A Step-by-step Guide
13. Adding Text in Procreate
14. Pro Tip: How to Make Gradients in Procreate
15. Using Procreate Like a Pro: Gestures & Shortcuts
16. 2nd Assignment: Calendar Design
17. Bonus Lesson: Animating in Procreate! How to Make Gifs That Work
18. Conclusion (Graduation Day!)