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Skillshare Procedural Texturing For Materials In Blender 2.9 – Create Any Material Or Texture That You Want

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Welcome To The Class
2. The Basics Of Material Application
3. Applying Materials To Other Objects
4. Fake Users And Duplicating Materials
5. Accessing The Shader Editor
6. An Overview Of The Nodes
7. Introducing The Texture Coordinate Node
8. Combining Nodes together
9. Creating A Diagonal Line
10. Using The Power Function
11. Adding Color With The MixRGB
12. Controlling The Axis Of The Line
13. Creating A Vertical Line
14. Turning A Line Into A Square
15. Making A Cross Shape
16. Using The Value Node To Control Multiple Nodes
17. Using The Power Node To Create A Parabla
18. The Color Ramp
19. Create A Circle
20. Turning Our Circle Into A Torus
21. A Second Way Of Doing things
22. Introducing The Absolute Function To Create A Diamond
23. Using Nodes From Previous Shapes To Create A Leaf
24. Mixing Shaders To Create Transparency
25. End Of Class Challenge