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Skillshare Premiere Pro Masterclass: The Ultimate Video Editing Guide for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Creating a New Project
3. Interface and Workspaces
4. Panels Explained
5. Importing and Organising Files
6. Previewing Files With the Media Browser
7. Project Background Information
8. Using the Source Monitor
9. Understanding Frames and Timecodes
10. Marking a Clip and Previewing from In to Out
11. Creating a Sequence from Scratch
12. Creating a Sequence From a Clip
13. Navigating the Sequence in the Timeline Panel
14. Overwrite Edit
15. Insert Edit
16. Constructing the Rest of the Timeline
17. Setting the Clip to a Specific Duration
18. Finalising Main Story Part I
19. Finalising Main Story Part II
20. Duplicating a Sequence
21. Selection Tool
22. Track Selection Hand and Zoom Tools
23. Ripple Edit Tool
24. Razor Tool
25. Slip Tool
26. Slide Tool
27. Rolling Edit Tool
28. Creating a Split Edit for J and L Cuts
29. Introduction to Cutaways
30. Using Multiple Tracks
31. Using Cutaways to Help the Story
32. Adding the Rest of Cutaways
33. Disabling the Audio of Cutaways
34. Adding a Soundtrack
35. Changing Audio Levels
36. Adjusting Audio Levels Selectively
37. Audio Transitions
38. Audio Keyframes
39. Automatically Ducking Audio
40. Fixing Common Audio Problems
41. Adding Ambient Sound
42. Finishing Touches to Audio
43. Video Transitions
44. Transition Settings
45. Applying Transitions Between Clips on Different Tracks
46. Handles
47. Creating Titles
48. Creating a Colur Matte
49. Creating a Lower Third Title
50. Using the Same Title Multiple Times
51. Adding Rolling End Credits
52. Adding Captions or Subtitles
53. Intro to Effects
54. Lumetri Color: Part I
55. Lumetri Color: Part II
56. Lumetri Color: Part III
57. Using the Same Effect on Multiple Clips
58. Adjustment Layers
59. Stabilizing Shaky Clips
60. Masking Effects
61. Motion Properties
62. Creating a Split Screen
63. Picture in Picture with Opacity Masks
64. Introduction to Animation
65. Pausing an Animation
66. Animating Lower Third Titles
67. Reusing the Attributes of a Clip
68. Easing Keyframes
69. Animating Effects
70. Animating and Auto Tracking Masks
71. Importing and Animating Photographs
72. Importing a Layered Photoshop File
73. Animating the Logo
74. Nested Sequences: Part I
75. Nested Sequences: Part II
76. Using Comment Markers
77. Different Marker Types
78. Using Markers to Edit to the Audio Beat
79. Intro to Speed Changes
80. Changing the Speed of a Clip Selectively
81. Speed Ramping
82. Advantages of Using High Resolution Videos
83. Changing the Size of the Sequence for Various Platforms
84. Reframing Clips
85. Creating a Fake Zoom Effect
86. Recreating Broken Animations
87. Rendering Clips in the Timeline
88. Exporting Directly From Premiere Pro
89. Exporting With Adobe Media Encoder
90. Using the Project Manager
91. Relinking Offline Media
92. Conclusion