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Skillshare Microsoft Teams for Students – 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Things to Note Before Beginning
2. What is Teams for Education
3. Tour and Navigation
4. The Class Workspace Layout
5. The Class Materials Folder
6. Classroom Interaction
7. Understanding the Sections of the Class Notebook
8. Adding Content to the Class Notebook
9. Copy Content into your Student Section
10. Organizing your Notebook for Success
11. Understanding the Assignments Application
12. Access and Review Distributed Assignments
13. Create and Submit Your Assignment Through Teamss
14. Undo a Turned in Submission
15. Review a Returned Assignment
16. Understanding Quizzes
17. Access and Complete your Online Quiz
18. Review Your Returned Quiz and Feedback
19. Accessing Your Classroom Grades
20. Accessing and Joining the Virtual Classroom
21. The Virtual Lobby
22. Taking Part in Classroom Discussion
23. Accessing Content Shared in the Virtual Classroom
24. Creating a Teams Workspace
25. Adding Others to Your Teams Workspace
26. Organizing Workspace Content with Channels and Tabs
27. Using Group Chats
28. Adding a Shared Notebook to a Group Chat
29. Adding a Planner Tab to a Teams Workspace
30. Conclusions and Teams Specifications