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Skillshare Maven for DevOps Engineers

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. L0 MAVEN Maven Introduction
2. L1 MAVEN Topics covered in this course
3. L2 MAVEN What is Maven
4. L3 MAVEN How maven helps to DevOps Engineer
5. L5 MAVEN Setup Maven Environment
6. L6 MAVEN Java installation on Windows
7. L7 MAVEN Eclipse installation
8. L8 MAVEN Create 1st maven project
9. L9 MAVEN Maven Coordinates
10. L10 MAVEN Default directory structure
11. L11 MAVEN Steps involved to build a java project
12. L12 MAVEN Maven Goals
13. L13 MAVEN Maven Goals in Action
14. L14 MAVEN What is Pom
15. L15 MAVEN About This Section
16. L16 MAVEN Maven Repositories
17. L17 MAVEN Deploy goal for local repository
18. L18 MAVEN Push Maven project onto Github
19. L19 MAVEN Create a EC2 Instance
20. L20 MAVEN Prerequisites to setup Maven
21. L21 MAVEN Setup Maven
22. L22 MAVEN Build maven project on Linux
23. L23 MAVEN Comman Maven Goals
24. L24 MAVEN Create a Project with Maven archetype
25. L25 MAVEN Plugins and Dependencies in pom
26. L26 MAVEN Settings
27. L27 MAVEN Tomcat Server configurations
28. L28 MAVEN Deploy war on tomcat server
29. L29 MAVEN Maven in DevOps Workflow
30. L30 MAVEN Jenkins Installation full
31. L31 MAVEN Add Maven build server as a salve to Jenkins
32. L32 MAVEN Build jenkins job on slave node
33. L33 MAVEN Build a war file on Maven build server
34. L34 MAVEN DevOps engineer career path