Skillshare Masters in Poster Designing using Adobe Photoshop

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Class Introduction
2. Introduction to Poster Design
3. Advantages of the Poster Design
4. What is Graphic Design?
5. Introduction about Adobe Photoshop
6. Photoshop Pre-Settings
7. Photoshop User Interface
8. New Document Setup in Photoshop
9. Small Research regarding Theme of the Design
10. Storyboard for Poster Design
11. Color Storyboard or Dummy Creation for Poster Design
12. Layout and Background Design
13. Selecting Suitable Images for Poster Design
14. Image Editing for Poster Design
15. Role of Typography in Poster Design
16. Small Details and Bigger Impacts
17. Exporting the Poster for various Formats
18. Layout and Background Design for Food Poster Design
19. Image Editing for Food Poster Design
20. Role of Typography in Food Poster Design
21. Small Detailing Works and Design Enhancement
22. Layout and Background Design for Tourism Poster Design
23. Image Editing for Tourism Poster Design
24. Role of Typography in Tourism Poster Design
25. Poster Design Enhancement Work
26. Course Conclusion

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