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Mastering Gradients in Illustrator

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction & Overview
What Makes Good Gradients
Choosing Colours
Setting Up Gradients Using the Gradient Panel
Adjusting Gradients Using the Gradient Tool
Creating Multiple Gradients within One Object
Applying Gradients to Type
Applying Gradients across Multiple Objects
Applying Gradients to Strokes
Shading Strokes with Gradients
Stacking Multiple Strokes
Creating Gradients Using the Gradient Mesh Tool
Distorting Gradient Meshes to Create Experimental Designs
Creating Gradients Using the Blend Tool
Creating Gradient Brushes
Creating and Saving Gradient Swatches
Recolouring Gradients and Designs
Texturing Gradients and Designs
Creating Graphic Styles
Exporting Your Work
Final Thoughts & Conclusion
Bonus: Making of Layered Organic Design