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Skillshare Mastering Bitbucket Pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction
2. Environment Setup
3. Creating Your First Pipeline
4. Using SCP to Transport Artifacts from the Build
5. Using SSH to Run Commands on the Server
6. Creating a Slack Messaging Bot to Add Messaging Functionality
7. Bootstrapping with Create React App
8. Defining Environment Files and Using it in a Component
9. Utilizing the Environments in a Bitbucket Pipeline File
10. Refactoring the ngrok server for the React TypeScript Project
11. Refactoring the Pipeline for the React TypeScript Project
12. Utilizing Tarballs to Transfer the node modules Folder Faster
13. Setting forever to 'watch' Mode on Server
14. The Big Advantage of Pipelines Testing in Staging, Merging to Master!
15. BONUS: NGINX Proxy Configuration and React PUBLIC URL Environment Variable
16. BONUS: Using Docker as an Alternative to a Remote Linux Server