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Skillshare Looping Animated Scenes in Adobe After Effects

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Welcome
2. Class Project
3. What is a Loop?
4. How to Use Loops
5. Planning Your Loop
6. Seamlessness
7. Working with GIFs
8. Tour of the Project File
9. Loop Expressions
10. Apply Loop Expressions: Seaweed
11. Overlapping Action
12. Loop the Wave Warp Effect
13. Animate Other Seaweed
14. Apply Loop Expression: Angelfish
15. Apply Loop Expression: Other Fish
16. Advanced Loop Expressions
17. Loop Compositions Seaweed
18. Loop Compositions: Fish
19. Loop CompositionsL Sporadic Fish
20. Add Final Details
21. Animate School of Fish
22. Rendering a Video
23. Rendering a GIF
24. Wrap-Up